Small stone resort with apartments, restaurant and stone house in Prcanj



Being considered as one of ten most beautiful bays in the world, the bay of Kotor hides one of the most beutiful nooks at the southernmost fjord in Europe.  

One of the undiscovered corners of the bay, Prčanj, is the cultural and historic treasure, and watching it from the sea, it gives you an illusion that you are facing floating, fairytale settlement.  

With its exquisite Mediterranean style, this place generates unique settlements. Harmony in disharmony, as this part of the bay, could be named, provides stone houses which paradoxically provide warmth and comfort to its tenants. 

Can you imagine yourself waking up every day only a few meters away from the sea? With this property, you become an owner of one of the most beautiful parts of the sky which will serve you throughout the whole year. Calm sea influences a lot on the whole surrounding, so the positive attitude here is a


There is a seaside restaurant in the Mediterranean style of 100m2 on the ground floor of the larger house, 

that has been working for eight years. 

In addition to two houses, one of which is on the first line from the sea, there is also a 360 m2

pontoon. A part of 150m2 is devoted to the restaurant, and the rest is a boat and parking lot. 

Within the large house, there are three one-bedroom apartments of 30m2 and a luxurious duplex of

85m2. They all have a sea view and a terrace where you can enjoy the fresh summer breeze. 

Both houses with the garden of the 400m2 garden are completely renovated using the Korcula stone and according to the instructions of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments and that way they are included in UNESCO's protected heritage. 

All infrastructure is adapted to the modern way of life -The houses have central heating, air conditioning and a central boiler of 500l. 

The interior of the buildings is equipped with high-quality materials it has been given a  touch of luxury with a combination of a style that is characteristic of this area. 

The houses are located right next to the local road that has a small traffic frequency and this is an ideal place for walking and relaxation. 

The entire plot with all facilities can be used as a unique treasury of an exclusive location where the house with the restaurant can be used for renting apartments, while the other house can be used for living in. 

With the perfect combination of cosiness and business opportunity, this house makes an excellent



PRICE: € 2 200 000



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